Thursday, 2 August 2012

Current Crush: Ethnic Influences

In keeping with recent themes, I will be sharing some Ethnic Influences for my Current Crush. I think these are pieces that can be incorporated into your wordrobe and lifestyle no matter what your cultural background is.

Light wood paneling and crisp windows open up this space.

 I love the patterned pillows and the soft warmth of the room.

Looking to DIY?
Try this simple tribal necklace adding bobby pins to a chain or string.

Make or modify earrings to match...

 Or paint them fabulous colours!

 Have fun with it!

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Niki said...

I love the room with the patterned pillows. I love a clean, light couch with some depth added with pillows and patterns. Gorgeous!

Brighton Harper said...

I love the look of the wood paneling and windows. I've always wanted windows like that.

Thank you for the idea with the bobby pins. I have tons laying around and I didn't think I'd ever use them!

Danielle said...

Oh who would have though with bobby pins!! Crazy!!!!

Found you through CCT!!!


Jennifer Hanson said...

Oh my goodness, those bobby pin accessories are amazing! Genius!

Michaela said...

Everything is so pretty! The bobby pin DIY's are pretty genius! I also adore that peach cuff bracelet :)

Kristen Danielle said...

I would NOT have guessed that necklace was bobby pins! So fun!!

I really like the painted pins as earrings, too!

Thanks for linking up!

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